Discuss why you think this is a good theory/strategy for teaching English Learners.

Read and view Case #956 Comprehending and Summarizing Text About the Solar System video at https://atlas-nbpts-org.us1.proxy.openathens.net/cases/956/ (Links to an external site.) There are three parts to the discussion activity: 1) Identify at least 3 strategies you observed in the lesson to support English learners and respond to at least two of the following: What do you think were the most effective strategies and why, what are some other strategies the teacher could have used based on your reading of Ch. 5 or other chapters in our textbook to support English learners, general thoughts/reactions to the lesson in terms of things you learned, found interesting strengths, weaknesses, connections to what you know or have learned about English learners. 2) Select one instructional theory or strategy in Chapter 5 of the textbook and discuss it. Describe the theory/strategy. 3) Find a resource such as an article, video, or website that highlights effective instructional strategies, activities, lessons, etc to support and engage English learners. Provide a brief description and the link. Book is Teaching Language Arts: A Student-Centered Classroom by Carole CoxShow more