Discuss The Pitfalls Of The South African Parliamentary System.

Write about what are the downfalls of the South African Parliamentary system of government. What drawbacks does it have against the economy? Is South Africa prone to gridlock and dysfunctional governance? What about corruption within the government? How has it affected social standings of South Africa’s numerous ethnic groups? What about South Africa’s crime rate? Note, this is a group assignment about the history of South Africa, its political system, and what benefits it has…BUT! I only need you to write about the cons/drawbacks of south Africa’s parliamentary system. Need Several Academic Sources Cited in APSA (American Political Science Association) format. Use this: Johnson, Krista, and Sean Jacobs. 2011. Encyclopedia of South Africa. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc. This just outlines very basic things about government, politics, and more. It also includes history. Butler, Anthony. 2017. Contemporary South Africa. London: Macmillian education, Palgrave. This one has more politics and government but also economic conditions and social conditions. Maybe these could be used for pros and cons International Monetary Fund. Monetary Capital Markets Department. 2014. South Africa: Financial System Stability Assessment. Washington, District of Columbia: INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND. Dives into the financial sectors of South Africa’s economic system and does a full assessment on how effective this system is. It also answers the question if this system is good or bad for the country and how it affects their parliament. Steytler, Isabeau. 2020. Striking Back and Clamping Down in South Africa: Responding to Adverse Judicial Decisions Under Systems of Parliamentary Sovereignty and Constitutional Supremacy. Hague Journal on the Rule of Law Vol (12): 2. This article explores the ways of how the executive power may or may not respond to Judicial review. The journal furthermore dives into the effects of the executive power and highlights the different judgements and obstacles that arise with the system they have in place. Bernard, Serge. 2013. South Africa: Conditions, Issues, and . Relations. New York: Nova Science Publishers. This book highlights the relation to their form of government and why it effects us. It also brings up the issues underneath their policy. Hyslop, Jonathan. 2005. Political Corruption: Before and After Apartheid. Journal of Southern African Studies 31(4): 77389. doi: This article discusses the effects of political corruption on south african society and how it influenced apartheid policy and what contempory issues stem from corruption today. Adetiba, Toyin. Lucky, Asuelime. 2018. ANC Accountability and Control of South African Parliament. In Whose Interest : the State or the Party? Journal of African Foreign Affairs 5(1): 10728. doi: This article gives an overview of what parties hold power in south african parliament, and what parliamentary procedures are unique to South Africa. It also gives an overlay of whether or not the parliamentary system is really serving the will of the people, or if each party is becoming a self-serving entity. du/countries/south-africa