Discuss the Number Sense Addition.

Below is the description of every category needed in the lesson plan and its details. Lesson Plan must be around 35-45 minutes in length. The topic of the lesson – clearly related to number sense addition Standards – The plan has two clearly include Common Core and or valid New York state standards that are on grade levels 1-6 and are age appropriate for the lesson content Learning objectives – Valid learning objectives are clearly included in the plan Key academic Vocabulary – key Academy vocabulary is clearly included in the plan Essential Questions – essential questions addressing various levels of thinking using Bloom’s taxonomy are clearly included in the plan Material & Technology – All materials and Technology needed are clearly included in the plan Agenda, order of structure, of lesson – The agenda of the lesson has to be clearly presented. This includes copies of any blank worksheets and materials that would be provided to students. Answer keys MUST be included. The agenda should include some warm-ups/do now questions or activity, a teaching / Learning activity and some clearly presented method of assessing student understanding. Key for agenda items – Keys for all the agenda items are clearly presented Remediation & Enrichment – remediation and enrichment activities, worksheets, etcetera. are clearly included in the plan Accommodations & Modifications – accommodations and modifications are clearly presented.