Discuss the long and tortured history of cancel culture.

https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/03/t-magazine/cancel-culture-history.html and answer the following questions. 1) paragraph 1,2 in p.1. How did Mishan bring cancel culture using the Chinese society? (textual evidence) (3-6 sentences) 2) ″CANCEL IS A consumerist…″ Page 5- ″ In Caste: The Origins…″ How does mentioning examples from Ancient Greece to recent years contribute to the essay overall? (textual evidence) (3-6 sentences) Page 8 / 9 ″the trespasses cited…″, ″CANCEL CULTURE MAY″, ″On Twitter, people speak….″ 3) How do you think the quote from Stanley Cohen relates to cancel culture? What do you think a moral panic is? (textual evidence) (3-6 sentences) 4) Why did the professor say ″You should absolutely cancel me, and I absolutely cancel myself″ (9) and then say ″What does that mean″ (9)? (textual evidence) (3-6 sentences) 5) What do you think the authors are referring to when saying ″a mere vacation from social″ and what are the benefits? (textual evidence) (3-6 sentences) ″The modern scapegoat….to force you to change″ page 5, paragraphs: 2&3. (3-6 sentences) 6) How does social media force you to change and in what ways? (textual evidence) (3-6 sentences)