Discuss specific sentencing guidelines in your state and if Robert may face consequences due to the three strikes laws.

An arrest warrant was recently issued for Robert for his involvement in the armed robbery of a convenience store. Robert was allegedly driving the getaway car used in the robbery. During the robbery, the convenience store clerk was shot, and the clerk is in the hospital in critical condition. After reviewing surveillance video from the convenience store, police identify and arrest the suspected gunman, who identifies Robert as the driver and says he used Robert’s gun and then stashed it in the trunk of Robert’s car. Police also identify Robert’s car from the tag number in the surveillance video. Robert is no stranger to the criminal justice system. His previous record includes several shoplifting, loitering, and receiving stolen goods misdemeanors and two felony convictions for carjacking over the last 10 years.Describe the search, seizure, and arrest procedures police may follow in this case. If Robert is convicted of felony charges, describe any sentence guidelines or information (e.g., determinate/indeterminate; mitigating/aggravating) that may affect his sentence, including his previous criminal record. Discuss specific sentencing guidelines in your state and if Robert may face consequences due to the three strikes laws. If Robert’s attorney is able to get his charge reduced to a misdemeanor, how will his sentencing differ?Using the city and/or state where you live, describe a correctional facility or probation agency where Robert will serve time based on each of the following conviction scenarios. Provide the name, location, and demographics of inmates/probationers at each facility or supervising community corrections agency, and discuss any education or rehabilitation opportunities available at each facility or within the community.The store clerk who was shot during the robbery dies, Robert’s charges are upgraded, and now Robert may face the death penalty.Robert is convicted of a lesser felony and is sentenced to state prison for 5 to 10 years. Robert negotiates a plea bargain and is convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to 10 months in county jail and 3 years on probation.Your completed case study should be at least two pages in length and include at least three outside sources, one of which may be your textbook.