Discuss on leadership interview and reflection study.

Discuss on leadership interview and reflection study. Leadership interview , to interview someone from health or non health setting (2500 words in this part) . The interview should be semi structured based on relevant questions from scholar understanding leadership approach consider the following headings : introduction leaders context – type of organization , leaders role and background (anonymously) critical analysis analyses 2 key leadership theories in relation to the leaders interview responses conclusion Appendix – include the semi structured interview questions Part B: prepare a reflection on your own leadership style based on content covered during the module. Consider the following headings : introduction reflect on self – awareness ( select 1 or 2 profiling tools covered e.g. psychometric report, VIA profile , NHS leadership framework) leadership development planning – what specific actions will you take to develop your leadership capability based on your reflection . conclusion word count (1500) please separate part A & part B in to Two different word documentShow more