Discuss “Fires in the Mirror” by Anna Deavere Smith.

Include in Paper: questions & response & new point of viewWritten critical response to Anna Deavere Smith.3 RESOURCES LISTED BELOW:1 – Anna Deavere Smith on Art and Politics / JumpStart Productions (ATTACHED)2 – Anna Deavere Smith and Thulani Davis (Interview: BOMB: speak theater and film; 1999, New Arts Publication, NYC, NY)https://bombmagazine.org/articles/anna-deavere-smith/3 – “Fires in the Mirror” by Anna Deavere Smith (video links in order below)https://youtu.be/hnkrUJny0CEhttps://youtu.be/milFnPD0t0Ihttps://youtu.be/ePcy-yWR3L8https://youtu.be/aD3U7KXNvrQhttps://youtu.be/_toJLrKHA9Ihttps://youtu.be/Gwfw7J8dA7IWriting should evidence your critical engagement with the video.Background Info on Anna Deavere Smith’s play, “Fires in the Mirror”: Smith interviewed hundreds of citizens and community leaders, recording their words and then composing the play as a series of fragments from these interviews. She then memorizes their exact words and intonations and performs all of the roles in a one-woman show. “Fires in the Mirror” chronicles a civic disturbance in the racially divided neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn NYC, in August 1991.