Developing plan to improve EHR access authentication process.

Developing plan to improve EHR access authentication process. Many times, Health Information Privacy and Security overlap with the concept of ethics because it is so critical to protect Patient Health Information (PHI). Based on what you have learned within the required readings and with use of additional research, you have been instructed to develop a new plan to update the security of Protected Health Information (PHI) using health information technology. Your organization is currently using a four-digit PIN to log into the EHR. During a recent security risk analysis, this was indicated as a risk and the organization was encouraged to develop and implement a more effective method of authentication. Your organization’s Security Manager reports directly to you and you have been tasked with developing a more effective and secure method for authentication. Develop a plan to change the process for authentication to make it more secure and effective for you Security Officer to implement. The Plan must include specifics for the new authentication process and address how it is more secure and effective.