Develop Research Questions

Develop Research QuestionsThis week, your task is to draft two or more research questions that are designed to address your problem statement. These questions can be either qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative: Research questions must be aligned with purpose statement. Qualitative research questions should be open-ended and reflect the nature of the qualitative design (avoid yes/no and closed-ended questions). See attached purpose statement Quantitative: Research questions must be aligned with the purpose statement and should include proposed hypothesis(es). Ensure the research questions and hypothesis(es) are aligned with the purpose statement. The research questions and hypothesis(es) must be directly answerable, specific, and testable based on the data collected. Hypotheses (Quantitative) Both the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis should be stated. Each must directly correspond with a research question. Hypotheses must be stated in a testable, potentially negatable form with each variable operationalized. Note: Each hypothesis represents one distinct testable prediction. Upon testing, each hypothesis must be entirely supported or entirely negated.Show more