Develop an APA 7th Edition formatted paper. (please see files tab for a template).

Develop an APA 7th Edition formatted paper. (please see files tab for a template). The assignment requires that Financial-Form Review & Evaluation Access the ReStore directory at (Links to an external site.) and choose an Habitat for Humanity in Simi Valley or Los Angeles. Using OR any other website that you can find the Form 990 for this habitat for humanity organization. Then access the Form 990 for the Habitat for Humanity affiliate associated with your chosen ReStore outlet (One in Simi Valley or Los Angeles, California). Determine how the revenues from the ReStore have changed over the years for which Form 990 data are available ( How does the revenue from the ReStore compare to total revenue for the affiliate? How does the ReStore revenue compare to other sources of revenue for the organization? Include at least one paragraph indicating what this analysis indicates for your chosen organization. In the concepts identified below. (PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU USE THE TEMPLATE ATTACHED FOR COMPLETE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ASSIGNMENT). I have explained in detail what each section of the paper should have in the template t hat is attached to the assignment. Cost analysis Risk analysis Independent financial review A culture of accountability and transparency Revenue diversification Use the best information you are able to retrieve and supplement this with your knowledge of best practices in the field based on the literature and information in Weikart, L., Chen, G., & Sermier, E. (2014). Budgeting and financial management for nonprofit organizations: Using money to drive mission success (2nd ed.). Here are some helpful website: – Website to get Form 990Show more