Develop an anti-harassment workplace policy .

develop a 3–5 page workplace harassment policy for either Java Corp or an organization with which you are familiar. Option 1 You are the new HR manager for Java Corp. The company has just lost a sexual harassment lawsuit and damages include back pay, front pay, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees. The plaintiff, Ms. Stapel, was a female manager who had a consensual sexual relationship with her male boss, Mr. Rowe. Both moved up in title and responsibility over the past 5 years. After the relationship ended, Mr. Rowe made several offensive comments to co-workers about Ms. Stapel, without her knowledge. Later, a number of other employees, who reported to Mr. Rowe, made offensive sexual comments directly to Ms. Stapel. The company has a harassment policy but only referred someone who felt harassed to their immediate supervisor and provided no other avenues of complaint. Your first project for Java Corp is to create a formal policy that will protect the employees, the organization, and all stakeholders. You will also prepare a PowerPoint that could be used as a training tool for new employees on the importance of following anti-harassment policies. Instructions Based on your research of sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful workplace harassment, complete the following. In a Word document, develop an anti-harassment workplace policy that includes the following components: Objective. Prohibited conduct under this policy, including discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and retaliation. Confidentiality. Complaint procedure. Employee acknowledgment of policy. Additional Requirements Policy