Describe the practice problem at the practicum site; support with data if available.

1. Introduction a. Start your introduction with a powerful statement or two to stimulate interest. b. Present the purpose of your proposed project. Begin your formal purpose statement by stating, “The purpose of the proposed (DNP) project is to…” c. Provide a preview of what the paper will include with a strong thesis sentence. 2. Assessment a. Describe the practice problem at the national level; support with data. b. Describe the practice problem at the practicum site; support with data if available. c. Identify and describe the sources of data from the practicum site. For example, Incident reports, readmission rates, infection rates, etc. 3. PlanningEvidence Synthesis a. Present the updated evidence synthesis to identify the evidence-based practice (EBP) intervention to address the practice problem and need for change. (Use the synthesis from the week 2 assignment be sure to accept track changes and update your Week 2 paper based on feedback provided by course faculty before adding to this paper). i. Main points/salient themes that emerge from the sources (Cited) ii. Compare and contrast main points/ themes from all sources (Cited) iii. Objective rationale for the intervention based on the literature 4. Implementation a. Clearly describe the DNP project evidence-based intervention. b. Discuss the rationale for why this intervention was chosen. c. Identify the survey/ instrument/ tool, if using one, and why it was selected. i. If not using a survey/ instrument/ tool, how will you be collecting data? For example, chart audits. d. Describe your implementation plan to include milestones. 5. Evaluation a. Propose measurable outcomes for the project. b. Describe how the outcomes will be evaluated. 6. Conclusion a. Effectively summarize your project plans in one to two comprehensive yet concise paragraphs that clearly describe your project plans to include: i. Explain how you will implement the project. ii. Explain how you will evaluate the project.