Describe the company′s information management system.

In this assignment, you will write a white paper to be presented to the Executive Management team to show the importance of continuing to invest in the company’s supply chain information management system. Instructions For your white paper, you may use the same company you selected for another assignment or select a different company from this list: Amazon. Apple. L. L. Bean. Starbucks. Walmart. Conduct your research and write about the selected company′s information management system (IMS) and include the following: Describe the company′s information management system. How does its SCM information system help accomplish their business objectives? Describe how technology is used for managing the company’s transportation and warehousing network. What are some examples of the technologies being used that help satisfy customer demands? Analyze how the company′s IMS provides a competitive advantage over competition. What are the unique features of the company′s IMS and how do these help create satisfied customers? Describe how the IMS helps to coordinate between supply chain partners. Provide an example of how the company coordinates with its supply chain partners to provide exceptional service. Explain how the IMS helps monitor orders and inventory levels and satisfy customers. Provide real-world examples that show how the IMS builds customer satisfaction. Examine why managing information is equally or more important to the company than moving products. How does managing information impact productivity, efficiency, and profitability?