Describe Psychographic segmentation of wrist watches.

Topic : Psychographic segmentation of wrist watches The journal should be deeper in analysis from a managerial point-of-view and speak with your own voice. It should have critical analysis and insights that count and raise such issues in the journal. The journal should be around 500 words in length. Please make sure when writing the journal, discuss the topic in critical light and address also your own insights and view of the issue(s) at hand based on your own experiences. You should also use academic literature to support your analysis and arguments. Tips for writing the journals: KISS = Keep it short and simple Use references sparingly Write using I when voicing your own opinions and insights Always provide some criticism Adopt a normative position: What should be done differently in your opinion and why? Message aimed to a wide audience (anyone should understand it) The structure of the paper as follows: – Introduction (you will talk about descriptive way describing what is the viewpoint and whether its good or not) – Argument (take a position: agree or disagree?) – In counter Argument (Once you said you recommend or not, say why) – Opinion (Please make your opinion more prominent) – Example of a company (you should present practical examples from the industry) – Reflect it to my organization (you should add critical comments on the practice of your organization rather than describing it- my organization is Water and Electricity Company)Show more