describe how you would collect your data about a lacking Social Determinant of Health and the steps you would take in carrying out your action plan.

Students will revisit their SCN 195 paper on the Social Determinants of Health as well as their Social Determinants of Health Powerpoint project completed in SCN 196. Choose one of the Social Determinants of Health where you feel your community has deficits: Economic Stability, Neighborhood/built environment, Educational access and quality, Health care access and quality and Social Community context for this next step. Please revisit your PowerPoint, Community Health profile and also re-examine your chosen Determinant via your own observation. Remember, the landscape could have changed due to Covid-19 in some of these Social Determinants of Health in your neighborhood. Now think about that deficit in terms of what you can do about it…what action can you take? Our textbook gives many examples of how the author organized calls to actions and also led and participated in them. Use any two of Shepard’s examples and describe how you would collect your data about a lacking Social Determinant of Health and the steps you would take in carrying out your action plan. During the time of Covid-19 we want everyone to be safe, and expect many of the action plans would use social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If we were not in the time of Covid-19, what ways could you get the word out about your change proposal via live interaction ( pot lucks, community events, booths at street fairs, etc.) Visual examples are helpful in understanding macro level work. Many of the examples Shepard references have You Tube or Ted Talk short videos as illustrations. You will also view the Ted Talk, “Greening of the Ghetto” in class early in the semester. Your film assignment, while not due until later in the semester, also provides a good visual example. For your paper, please write 2-½ -3 pages in narrative form and answer the following questions. Imagine you work at a community based agency and you are presenting this call to action plan to your Director for approval. Remember, as we have read in Shepard, we need to also use the tools of engagement and persuasion in our macro level work. Include that tone in your paper. Social Determinant of Health- why did you select it? Does your observation differ or is it the same as the statistics researched? How did you collect all of your data? What is the exact problem you have identified ( we need to be crystal clear about what it is we want to change) How would you put the word out there identifying the problem? Who can help you get what you want? (Community board or group, lawmaker) What electronic advocacy ( or social media, email blast, etc) would you use. Any other types of advocacy? What about if we were not living with Covid-19? Any ideas for live advocacy events? Name two places where you modeled your action after reading Shepard. List short term, medium term and long term goals for your project. For example, getting 10 responses to your social media conscious raising effort by the first week, etc. What would you do for sustainability, meaning ensuring your change effort has a lasting impact? attached is references from book and project paper ask for.