Describe AHA Community Health Improvement.

I need a response to this discussion: When deciding what the priorities are concerning health issues and preventative treatments and tests for aging women, outside input should be considered. Background information on the different types of common health issues of the female population should be gathered as well as a list of the available screening tools that are in the community already. To first select what should and should not be considered for a priority intervention, I will be using three key components. The first is how much of a need is noticed in the community that I am attempting to teach (American Hospital Association, 2021). In the female population, there are a lot of screenings that should be done as women become older, but the problem is that some do not know what to be screened for or do not think they are at risk for developing diseases. The next component is the availability of hospital and community resources. In the community that I am trying to reach, there are several community clinics and hospitals in the area that can offer the resources needed to help age in a healthy manner. The last component is how well the community can act on the issue once they are aware of the need (American Hospital Association, 2021). I believe that once more education is given regarding the importance of healthy aging, more women would be willing to participate in the care needed to take care of themselves. Selecting the priorities of the community is the next step, and outside resources and opinions will help ensure that the community also agrees with the priorities that are stated. A prioritization committee should be selected to get the input from voices in the community. In this instance, several ladies would be asked regarding any health questions they might have regarding how to take care of themselves as they age and what preventative screenings they should partake in. Once the committee is selected, a survey can then be performed asking about the different health topics that were addressed from the selection committee. This survey can help gauge what type of importance the greater community places on the selected health topics. After the results of the survey have been assessed, more research should be done regarding the topics that were chosen and information should be gathered to help address the topics that the community has chosen. However, core topics like a healthy diet, exercise, sleep patterns, and preventative screenings should be addressed regardless of how the community voted because of the overall importance of those specific topics. American Hospital Association. (2021). Community health assessment toolkit: Step 5 prioritize community health issues. AHA Community Health Improvement.