Describe Aboriginal Education.

The steps for the task are: 1. Theme for your unit is Aboriginal Education. 2. Select a K-6 Stage for your unit. 3. Select three Key Learning Area’s (KLA) that easily integrate with your theme. 4. For each of the KLA, select an Outcome and Content from its Syllabus. 5. For each KLA, identify a Strategy and Resources that you would use to teach the Content you selected. (look up some pedagogies like 8 Ways or PEARL that talk about ways to educate the Aboriginal students e.g. land based learning etc.) 6. Identify how and why you’ll include Families in your unit. 7. Identify how and why you’ll include the local Community in your unit. 8. For Learning Across The Curriculum, list which of the 3 Cross Curricular Priorities and of the 7 General Capabilities would link with your unit.