Cyber Norms (UN GGE).

start with stressing the importance of norms (why are they important? how do they shape behavior? what makes them more feasible to reach in cyberspace than treaties, for example?) – this could be the basis for any work on norms.2) concentrate on norms among like-minded countries: In what way they are like-minded, and how does it contribute to norms establishment and maintenance? you can use a case study that shows the bilateral relations of Australia and the US on cybersecurity and how cyber norms between them are realized (or the relationship between Russia and Kazakhstan. Since the paper is short, suggest on focusing on several aspects of it, and not address the global process on the subject (it might be too shallow given the scope of the work). You can also choose to focus on one or two norms and explain their current status. For example, not attacking critical infrastructures sounds great, but what are the implementation challenges of his norms?3) personal thoughts on norms in the conclusionI have attached a number of sources