Consult the list of Basic Beliefs of Transcendentalism (below).

* Consult the list of Basic Beliefs of Transcendentalism (below).
* Each paragraph must focus on ONE belief. Do NOT divide your paragraphs of the essay into 3 summaries/explications of 3 different poems.
* For each belief, use details from at least 2 poems as support.
* Use only the poems you were assigned to read during this unit (see your Reading List).
* You should use MULTIPLE poems so show that you have read widely. If you limit your paper to only 2 poems, you will lose points on this paper.
* Dont simply quote one line from each poem when you provide support. Instead, discuss each belief and supporting poem with some depth.

Basic Beliefs of Transcendalism

* living close to nature
* dignity of manual labor
* need for intellectual companionships and interests (Brook Farm & The Dial)
* spiritual life is important, but mans relationship to God is personal (Unitarianism), not regulated through the intermediation of a ritualistic church
* the divinity and union of humankind
* self-trust and self-reliance are to be practiced, since to trust self is really to trust the voice of God speaking intuitively within us
* believe firmly in democracy
* practice intense individualism

Reading List:
– A Noiseless, Patient Spider
– When I Heard the Learned Astronomer
– A Sight in the Camp at Daybreak
– The Wound Dresser
– When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomd
– Song of Myself

Use 3-5 paragraphs.