Compose a rhetorical analysis of Stevenson’s.

Compose a rhetorical analysis of Stevenson’s argument in “We Need to Talk about an Injustice″Section 1: Introduction (1-2 paragraphs, 15 points)Introduce and contextualize Stevenson’s text. Introduce key aspects of the rhetorical situation (the rhetor/author, the purpose, and the audience), inform the reader about the topic’s significance, and highlight Stevenson’s main claim. As part of the Introduction, clearly signal to your reader what your paper will be doing (metadiscourse).Section 2: The Body, in which you present your central analysis (70 points)Accurately describe and explain Stevenson’s significant sub claims. Explain each in detail, give examples, support your identification with one or more quotations, explain the quotations, and indicate how they support your interpretation of Stevenson’s argument. Make sure all of these elements connect to each other.As you examine Stevenson’s key supporting claims, include an analysis of