Compose a Problem Statement.

Using the topic selected in the attached paper, you will now create a 250- to 300-word problem statement. Your problem must come from some critical issue needing to be addressed (otherwise, negative consequences will occur or continue), and you must show how solving this problem will contribute to theory. In most cases, scholarly citations within the past five years are required to support the problem you will investigate. You will need to locate at least 15 relevant articles to support your problem statement to document the existence of a problem worthy of doctoral-level research. Follow these steps: 1. Present the general issue grounded in the research literature that leads to the need for the study. 2. Clearly describe and document the problem prompting the study. Include appropriate published or relevant primary sources to document the existence of a problem worthy of Ph.D. doctoral-level research. Please consider: what perspective is represented? For example, is the problem an individual-level problem, an organizational problem, an industry problem, or a social problem? 3. Consider the theories relevant to predict, explain, and understand the problem. 4. To identify and articulate a problem, consider the potential negative consequences to the field or stakeholders if the proposed research is never conducted.