Clearly state what course of action should be taken based upon the legal issues raised.

This written assignment will require students to:1) Research & Analysis: Connect course concepts covered in class during weeks 4, 5, 6, and 7 to an ongoing legal issue in the news or Analyze an actual current (within the last 2 years from due date of this assignment). Moye Library resources are important for this assignment. Students will: (1) Clearly identify the course concepts involved in the legal news or the case chosen, (2) Provide business guidance based upon an analysis and legal understanding of the case, (3) Clearly state what course of action should be taken based upon the legal issues raised.2) Sources: Written assignments should use no less than 3 outside, academic or legal sources (generic websites like are not legitimate sources). The textbook may be used but this is not a source that will count as one of the three.Do not use material submitted for any other course in any academic or employment setting.3) Professional, academic Writing Style: Written assignments should be: (1) Double-spaced. (2) no less than 1000 words, and (3) use a proper citation format.Okay, with all of these traditional admonitions, let me add some more comment largely based upon reading the first assignment submissions:1. Focus in on one very specific issue or even part of an issue. Try to keep the discussion to one particular part of the business arena. For example, writing on the subject of abortion is too broad, narrowing this to “The Impact of the Texas ‘Heart Beat” Law on Abortion Clinics in Oklahoma [a bordering state]”, Covid and the Law could be narrowed to “Covid 19 Influence on Fast Food Restaurants in Kinston, North Carolina.” Justice in the Prison System needs further honing to something like “Slowing the Revolving Door: Educational Programs during Women’s Jail Time.”2. Use United States case law and resources. Use appropriate full citation for your selected case at least once in your writing, then it is acceptable to reference the case by the name of one of the parties.3. Include a synopsis of a case history but don’t spell out the whole case. Include the holding (decision) and your conclusion as to its impact on the business community. Here is where you sink or sail your ship.3. Credit cited and paraphrased work of another. As an estimate, this material should compromise no more than 25% of your total paper.4. Proof read your work or have another do this for you. Slipshod punctuation, grammar and spelling are unacceptable.5. Cut out emotional terms such as “I feel”, “I don;t think this is morally right,”6. Back statements and opinions, to the greatest degree possible, with statistics.7. Define key terms. At least two terms need further explanation than just their use.8. In your conclusion, emphasize the impact of your theme on the business community– socially, psychologically, but most of all, economically.9. Your second written assignment is due no later than Saturday, October 9, 2021 on or before 10:00 pm.