Can Corporations Commit Murder? The Prosecution of the Ford Motor Company.

To achieve this goal, you should select one or two (no more) of the questions presented at the end of each case study under the heading, Thinking Critically About This Case. You should explicitly identify the question(s) you have chosen to answer in your paper. Only a small portion of the essay should be devoted to a restatement of the facts of the case: the large percentage of the case study should be analysis not mere regurgitation of the facts of the case. In writing these essays, you must incorporate the class lectures and cite/footnote the following materials: (1) the textbook chapter; (2) the case study; and (3) five academically rigorous outside sources addressing the issues and context of the case study (and not restatement of the facts of the case). Again, the five outside sources should not merely be summaries of the facts of the case but should explore the underlying issues that the case study and chapter explore. These essays will be graded on the following criteria: (1) demonstrated mastery of the chapter and case study; (2) analytical sophistication; (3) substantive use of academically rigorous outside sources; and (4) organization, writing proficiency; and overall presentation. These essays must be written as formal, academically and stylistically rigorous works. The essay must include a works cited page (which does not count as one of the seven pages). BOOK TO USE: Carolyn Boyes-Watson, Crime & Justice: Learning Through Cases (2018: Rowman & Littlefield), Third Edition.