Briefly describe and reflect on what you did or found as part of the activity.

1. Briefly describe and reflect on what you did or found as part of the activity. 2. Make connections to the class readings. Be sure to include citations to the readings. Refer to the source by authors last name and the year of publication. Please see the Writing Tips resources if you need help. 3. Activities should be typed, double-spaced but brief (~2-3 pages of text). 4. Be sure to include a separate title page and list any references that you cite at end of the paper. 5. Setup a meeting with a personal trainer. Write about your experience: did the trainer recommend activities based on the models of exercise discussed in class, etc. 6. Make a needed doctor appointment: get blood tests done, go to the eye doctor or dentist, get annual testing done, etc. Discuss your feelings and experience. If you had the chance to go to the doctor during the semester, discuss the way that the interactions made you feel: was it doctor- or patient-centered, did you feel like a person, etc. 7. Make a will or a living will, set up your organ donation, or check on your life insurance policy. Ensure that your last wishes are fulfilled as best as you can. 8. Talk to someone with a chronic illness and learn how it impacts their life and the lives of their family and friends. 9. Interview a caregiver about their experiences caring for a loved one. Consider how those experiences compare to those discussed in class or in the text. 10. Talk to someone in the medical field and ask what their schooling did not prepare them for: dealing with fears, non-compliance, types of people, insurance/money issues, et Let me know what one you want to do and I should b able to send readingsShow more