Breast Cancer Disparities in White and Black Women.

Please see file attached for Assignment 1, second Assignment is based off the first essay. In the second assignment, you will use the assumptions of the critical paradigm to examine the social processes, power relations and consequences of the problem identified in the first assignment. Consider the consequences of the problem you identified in Assignment One from local and global perspectives, as appropriate. Propose evidence-based actions that can address and transform the issue to promote equity.Assignment #2 will be a maximum of 10 pages, excluding title page, abstract and references.Please use the following guide to structure your paper:1. IntroductionBrief statements about the importance of your topic, a focused purpose statement for your paper and a brief overview of how you are writing your paper.2. Body of the Paper (80%)Describe the problem.How does the dominant paradigm (located and described in your discourse analysis in the first assignment) address or sustain the problematic clinical practice or health issue?How does the inequity or troubling dominant social process influence:You personally and/or your professional practicePatients and/or health care systemsYour profession,Communities, including selected or marginalized or excluded communitiesHow is your work setting implicated in, or influenced by this problem?Locate and analyze specific workplace policies or processes that contribute to, or address the problem.Propose a minimum of two evidence-based actions that would promote equity and address the problematic issue under question. Describe the steps and actions needed to promote equity. Include actions you can take in this equity work. If you are not able to locate evidence-based solutions, generate solutions that are theoretically consistent with critical social theory.