Applying subject Matter Jurisdiction.

provide a written analysis and answers to the following hypotheticals. Be sure to include your analysis and reasoning in arriving at your conclusions. George, a resident of Missouri sues Larry, a resident of Kansas, and William, a resident of Missouri, for breach of contract claiming $75,500.00 in damages. In which court(s) may George file his lawsuit? Pat, a citizen of Florida, accepts a promotion to corporate headquarters in New York. While driving to New York, Pat is injured in a car accident caused by Nellie, a resident of Florida. Nellie argues that the suit must be brought in federal court. Is she correct? Johnny, a resident of Florida, is on vacation in Biloxi, MS. During his stay, he and some friends are arrested in a bar by the Biloxi Police Department for a robbery occurring the day before. After Johnny has been in jail for 2 weeks, the police department determines that they arrested the wrong individuals based upon an improper identification. Johnny wishes to sue the Biloxi Police Officer and Department for false imprisonment. Mississippi and Florida, as well as the federal government, have laws outlawing this type of activity. In which court(s) may Johnny file his case? Owen owns a house in St. Louis, MO and Naples, FL, currently he is living at his house in St. Louis where he is employed. Parker, a resident of Chicago, IL is visiting St. Louis on a business meeting. One night, the two gentlemen have too much to drink and become involved in a heated discussion over whether the Cardinals or the Cubs are the best baseball team. The next day Owen, still steaming over last night’s argument, sees William, a resident of Dallas, TX, who he mistakes for Parker. Owen initiates a fist fight causing William severe injury. William’s hospital bills exceed $150,000.00. In which court(s) can William sue Owen? Length: 2-4 pages, question and answer format